Monday, July 16, 2018

Revit Consulting Description

Revit Floor Plan with Color

Fast, Affordable, Cost Effective Project Support

Our staff is a fast and economical resource. Using Revit Modeling, we provide a complete solution throughout the design process helping cut project costs and time to market. Schematic Design, Design Development to Construction Document Modeling/drafting functionality reveals crucial information not easily available from current 2d methods. This allowing you’re firm to optimize new designs options throughout the process.


We Offer Complete Services to Companies that…

1. Want to see the value of Revit on a “real” project before buying the software

2. Want to use services as part of a software implementation plan to flatten the learning curve.

3. See the value and have a need, but do not have the budget available to purchase Revit.

4. Own Revit and have a special project that requires additional analysis functionality or special expertise.

5. Own Revit and have a high-priority project requiring a timely evaluation of numerous design variations.